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Business Mentoring & Coaching

You have an idea or perhaps you are trying to consolidate your skills and experience to go it alone?

You may have already attended business start up workshops and regularly use on line resources but still feel unsure how to make it happen?

Setting up on your own can be both exciting and challenging. Each of our consultants has built up their own enterprise setting off with an idea and a mindset to succeed. This is why we are all experts in our fields. Providing you with business mentoring and advice is not our daily job- it is our livelihood.

Enterprise Mentoring is a specialist type of enterprise support. Research carried out by BIS has shown that 70% of small businesses receiving mentoring survive for 5 years or more and at least 20% will experience growth. This is double the rate of non-mentored entrepreneurs.

The programme is established on a relationship based on equality, openness and trust and is a very constructive method of enterprise support. You can choose to receive short, medium or long term personal and professional help. Over a period, the positive impact from this type of support will filter through to your business.

Our mentoring programmes will help you identify your goals, turning them into a reality- your own enterprise.

You will be assigned a personal consultant mentor who will be available to work with you flexibly to fit with your commitments. You will have a personal Self Development programme to evaluate your progress and identify your next steps.

Our mentoring sessions are strictly confidential and follow the SFEDI Code of Conduct.


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